How To Select The Best Music Download Sites For Your iPod

As you’re probably aware there is a plethora of download sites available on the Internet. The problem lies in choosing the best one that fits the criteria which you select for your particular usage demands.

It also depends on a how much you know about the process of downloading music. For most individuals who have iPods it’s a simple case of utilizing the iTunes interface in your computer and downloading songs either directly from the download option or directly from a CD in your collection.

For a few individuals who are “veterans” at downloading they are aware of “torrents” sites. I am not going into detail here on these sites just making you aware that they exist and what they provide.

A torrent site is a site which acts as a portal for sharing files of users who are currently online. These are commonly referred as P2P sites (peer-to-peer). If you know what you’re doing (most people don’t) then fine that’s up to you-if you don’t and you attempt to use them you are likely to have two consequences. Firstly, you will probably end up downloading a harmful virus into your computer and then possibly your iPod or secondly you will end up with a file that is of very poor quality and will have “broken links”.

So what are your options?

There are three options.

1. Use the pay per download sites which are available – the major one that you are probably aware of is of course iTunes because I think it’s the best on the market. There are other download sites which are very good including Napster. You can expect to pay up to $.99 per download. What you can expect is excellent choice, excellent quality and an extremely good service. However, this comes at a cost. If you consider downloading just two tunes a day then you will have a cost of approximately $720. That’s quite a lot of money if you were to pay it out in one go!

2. Use the dangerous method, as I call it. This is literally where you can spend time searching for “free” download torrents sites. I would strongly recommend you not go down this route as at best you will get poor quality and at worst you may have to get a new iPod.

3. Use a viable alternative. This is “a halfway house solution”.

What alternatives do we have?

There are two available.

The first alternative is to join a monthly subscription site. These sites provide music downloads similar to iTunes with the major difference being that an unlimited number of tunes can be downloaded. Whilst this is a good alternative if you download a lot of music it can actually still work out quite expensive. The average per month price of these memberships is around $15. This means that you won’t get much change out of $200 for a yearly membership.

The second alternative is one that is less known and this is joining an unlimited download music site which has a lifetime membership fee usually no more than $35.

In order to choose the best music download sites for your iPod you’re better going with the unlimited download membership site as long as it fulfils several criteria.

These are:

1. Variety (choice of music styles)

2. Membership area (the interface has to be at least as easy to navigate as iTunes or Kazaa)

3. Fast download speeds (as a minimum the download speed should be at least 250 to 300 times faster than Kazaa)

4. Support (the best sites offer 24/7 support-usually with support tickets)

5. Value for money (the most reputable will sites will charge no more than $37 for full lifetime membership)

Cost-Effective Unlimited Zune Music Downloads

If you have been looking for cost-effective unlimited Zune music downloads, you know that pay per download method is not for you, as the seemingly low price adds up to an incredible amount quite fast. You might have also realized that free Zune download websites are also not the option, because of numerous risks associated with them.

There are two more alternatives, though. Unlimited Zune music downloads are available on a subscription basis (monthly or yearly); another option is one-off fee membership sites. If you are looking for cheaper than pay per download options, which are secure and legal at the same time, this is what you need.

Typically, the most cost-effective option is a lifetime membership. If you compare the prices, you will see that it is nearly equal to a yearly subscription fee. So, if we talk about a couple of more bucks, isn’t unlimited lifetime access worth it?

Some people think somewhat in this way: “I will pay for a one-month access, download as much as I can, and then happily discontinue my membership”. But don’t you want to be able to download all new songs, movie trailers, games, software, wallpapers and other media as they keep on being added?

Another reason why some people prefer a short-term subscription over a lifetime one is their doubt about the service. By opting for a one-month access, they want to check whether the promised unlimited Zune music downloads are actually as good as the ad claims, and based on their experience with the website they decide if they want to go on or drop.

However, this can be a money waste, as reputed sites for unlimited Zune downloads usually offer money back guarantee and/or free trial period. Besides, if you judge all websites based on your experience with one of them, you make the biggest mistake – each website for Zune music differs from the other in a number of ways, sometimes very drastically.

The lifetime membership price varies and in most cases it is between $35 and $50. You can look for the cheapest possible options, but don’t be tempted by offers that are too cheap. After all, the price you pay for a good downloading website is totally worth it as you can be sure that you will get everything you need for your Zune, plus 24/7 technical support and protection from spyware, adware and viruses. In the long run, paying for quality always proves to be cost-effective.

Some of the biggest and most popular websites for unlimited Zune music downloads are iZuneAccess, UnlimitedZuneDownloads and Zune Video Pro. Read a full review of each service at my entertainment blog.

Accessorize Your Cell Phone More – Download Free Ringtones

Want to have new ringtones for your new cell phone? Here are a lot of ways you can have additional ringtones for your new cell phone.

First, if your cell phone is state of the art that has a memory card or micro SD and also comes with a USB, then, you can download ringtones directly from your computer to your cell phone. Depending on the brand of your cell-phone, the manufacturing company suggests sites by which you can download ringtones on your cell-phone safely.

Another way of getting new ringtones, if you are not satisfied with the default ringtones in your cell phone, is to download from sites. Many websites offer ringtones, you can either have it through free ringtones downloads or pay for a minimal fee. However, you should be wary of scams and first determine the sites that are legal and trustworthy. A website is a scam when it requests you to download spyware and other soft ware. These may contain bugs and viruses that could harm and destroy your cell phone.

Also, you should be able to know which site you can use to download ringtones. It is important that you download only from a trusted site. A trusted site provides links to the most secure downloading sites online. To know whether it is a trusted site, you must read information about it. Do not be tempted at once with the offer of free ringtones; determine first the authenticity of their services.

If the site you came across requires a membership fee, establish first the benefits you can get from it. You can get ringtones for free, so there is no need for you to pay a single centavo just to have your favorite ringtone. Furthermore, one thing to consider in downloading free ringtones is the compatibility with your cell phone. Look for free ringtones downloads that is compatible with the brand and model of your cell phone.

Some dating sites also offer free ringtones; you just have to sign up and become a member. And who knows, it could be the time when you will be able to meet the man or woman of your dreams. And both of you can create beautiful music together, all starting from a simple ringtone on your cell phone.

When you already have downloaded a variety of music to serve as your ringtones, you can now assign a particular ringtone to each of your loved ones or friends. This state-of-the-art gadget nowadays is capable of assigning different ringtones to everybody listed on your phonebook. This would enable you to recognize right away who your caller is. You would know immediately if it is your husband, son or daughter or your boss who is calling you. Such capabilities really translate flexibility and ease in your daily lifestyle.

At present, cell-phones have become a necessity. Whether you only use it with its basic features like sending text messages or call, it facilitates a lot of things in your daily activities. It has long shortened the distance between loved ones and friends. Everything is just a text away. Moreover, it has become more exciting with beautiful ringtones that go with it.